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APP Launched the APP Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 4th Update Report


"Emission Reduction" Becomes the Keyword of Chinese Papermaking Industry in 2009 

(SHANGHAI, January 19, 2010) APP-China has just released the ""Paper Contract with China""” (PCwC) 2009 fourth quarter report. The report reviews the top news stories and major developments in the Chinese papermaking industry, the top 10 APP-China news stories in 2009, and the progress of the PCwC in the 4th quarter of 2009. According to the report, ""emission reduction"" has become a keyword in the Chinese paper industry in 2009, dominating one-third of the news. 

Among all the commitments to energy saving and emission reduction, the most impressive one was made by the Chinese government. In November 2009, the government announced that China is going to reduce CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 40 to 45 percent compared to 2005 levels by 2020, which clearly demonstrates China's resolution to tackling the issue of climate change. 

The major developments of Chinese paper industry in 2009 are explicitly in line this resolution. In May, the Light Industry Revitalization Plans of and the goals for emissions reduction were issued, which required reductions of 100,000 tons of COD emission and 900 million tons of wastewater, compared to 2007 from the paper industry by 2011. These goals are consistent with the new Discharge Standard of Water Pollutant in Pulp & Papermaking Industry, and put a number of small papermaking mills with low environmental standards in a difficult situation, whilst providing opportunities for the large facilities equipped with industry leading environmental equipment to further sustainable development of the paper industry in China. 

Guided by the actions of the government and the core values of the ""Paper Contract with China"", APP-China has made great efforts in promoting clean production, scientific plantations and corporate social responsibility in 2009. Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper installed the world's most advanced wastewater treatment system and Gold Huasheng Paper invested RMB34 million (USD5 million) in water recycling & reuse equipment. By the end of 2009, Gold Paper East's accumulative investment in environmental protection exceeded RMB1.15 billion (USD 169 million). 

In addition to the achievements of its subsidiaries, APP-China made steady progress in fulfilling its sustainable development goals in the past 12 months. In March, APP-China successfully completed the First Phase of Carbon Footprint Assessment and became the first pulp and paper producer based in China to undergo a Carbon Footprint Assessment of this scope and size. In June, APP-China released its Paper Contract with China Manifesto 2009, reviewing its progress in the 2008 and mapping out its targets and strategies for 2009. In September, Sinarmas Tongji Middle School, funded by APP-China was completed, and is testament to APP's commitment to supporting educational development in rural China. 

Recalling 2009, Zheng Rui, the executive director of APP-China said, "We will continue to devote ourselves to scientific plantation, clean production and corporate social responsibility, the three pillars of 'Paper Contract with China', to ensure the company's success in terms of sustainable development."