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APP China Unveiled Reinforced Sustainability Commitment In Paper Contract with China 2011 Manifesto

September 1, 2011 – SHANGHAI, China – Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), one of the world’s largest pulp and paper producers, has announced its Paper Contract with China 2011 manifesto. Building upon the first Paper Contract in 2008, this upgraded version provides further details on APP-China’s commitment to sustainable practices and future objectives, and calls on all industry players to collaborate to pursue growth in a more sustainable manner.

APP-China launched the Paper Contract with China program in June of 2008, with the aim of minimizing its impact on the environment - outlining the company’s sustainable strategies and commitment to working in China. In the past few years, APP-China has strictly followed its operational commitments in the manifesto, and has steadily progressed in the three key areas of sustainable plantation development, cleaner production, and corporate social responsibility.

APP-China’s reinforced commitments in the new version of the Paper Contract with China manifesto include:
• To continuously seek and improve sustainable forestry and conservation protection practices in the areas where we operate.
• To contribute to the fight against global warming by implementing measures to conserve energy, reduce emissions, and improve our production capabilities whilst engaging employees to support the company’s environmental initiatives.
• To continue APP-China’s commitment to community empowerment by promoting economic growth, creating job opportunities, investing in infrastructure in rural areas, and building schools where we operate.
• To promote the sharing platform with related stakeholders, including the government, industry associations, academia, NGO, media and other pulp & paper enterprises.
“China is on its way to become a strong powerhouse of the global paper industry, yet it relies on the continuous supports by national policies and joint efforts of the entire industry.” Said Mr. Huang Zhiyuan (T. G. Wijaya), chairman & CEO of APP-China, “As well as explaining APP-China’s evolving environmental commitments, this updated manifesto appeals to all the industry players to collaborate together in building a sustainable paper industry to share learning, insights and technologies to collectively address the big issues of resource, environment and economy.”

APP has showcased the group’s sustainable development strategy and its long-term commitments to China since it entered the market in the early 90s’. As of the end of 2010, APP-China has invested more than RMB 5.5 billion (USD 846 million) for energy saving and emission reduction; RMB 600 million (USD 92.3 million) was donated to various charity programs and community development projects across China; more than 38,900 jobs were created.

APP-China announced its commitment to the UN CEO Water Mandate with the publication of its Paper Contract with China 2011 Manifesto.

APP-China also announced its first major new initiative in support of its reinforced manifesto by pledging commitment to the UN CEO Water Mandate. This commitment covers the six major mills within the Group: Gold East, Hainan Jinhai, Ningbo Zhonghua, Ningbo Asia, Gold Huasheng and Gold Hongye. APP-China is one of the first pulp and paper manufacturers in China to commit to this mandate, and it hopes to set the standard that all China’s paper companies should aim to achieve for the industry’s sustainable growth.

APP has made substantial investments in clean water production at all its mills in China, and considers itself to be leading the China paper industry in this critical area of environmental protection. Signing the UN CEO Water Mandate underlines what APP has already achieved and also marks APP’s commitment to go even further in China. 

Launched in July 2007, the CEO Water Mandate is a “unique public-private initiative designed to assist companies in the development, implementation and disclosure of water sustainability policies and practices.”

In the previous Paper Contract with China Manifesto, APP-China already set clear goals for water consumption, wastewater discharge, and COD emission for paper/pulp per ton. It also continued to evaluate, refresh and build upon its initial objectives to ensure that sustainability standards are continuously rising. APP’s mills in China can keep the average water consumption per ton of paper below ten tons, while the international advanced level is between twelve to eighteen tons. Meanwhile, its average wastewater discharge per ton of paper is below nine tons, less than one half of the volume the national standards required. It is estimated that the wastewater discharge could be reduced by 3.3 billion tons per year if all the China’s paper companies could be up to APP-China’s guaranteed levels. 

As the first pulp and paper manufacturer to make public its cleaner production indicators, APP-China is making relentless efforts to ensure all of its operations are beneficial to China’s society and economy. By being committed to the UN CEO Water Mandate, the company is hoping to encourage the entire industry to together address critical water challenges in the face of a growing global water crisis.

APP China 'Paper Contract with China' Manifesto

About the Paper Contract with China 2011 Manifesto
APP-China launched its upgraded Paper Contract with China manifesto in August 2011. Building upon its previous manifesto released in 2008, the updated version further outlines the company’s sustainable practice and future objectives, and meanwhile calls for the entire pulp and paper industry’s collective efforts in building a sustainable industry. The reinforced manifesto covers three key areas of APP-China including sustainable plantation development, cleaner production and corporate social responsibility, and set clear goals for water consumption /waste water discharge/COD emission for paper/pulp per ton. 

APP-China invites all parties that share concerns for a balanced approach to paper manufacturing to share their thoughts with the company, as well as to visit its facilities and assess and supervise its operations. For more information, please visit http://www.papercontract.com/.