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APP-China Released the 2010 Third Quarterly Report of Paper Contract with China

Corporate Social Responsibility, an Important Pillar of Sustainable Development 

Sinamas Tongji Secondary School, which received RMB 20 million (USD 2.98 million) donations from APP-China after the Wenchuan Earthquake, has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary cum the first anniversary of the new campus completion. The support given to Tongji Secondary School is only part of the broader picture of APP-China's commitment in corporate social responsibility (CSR). In the latest quarterly report of ""Paper Contract with China (PCwC)"", APP-China shares its CSR experience and the key learning of implementing the best practices and concludes that corporations should extensively shoulder their social obligations for the people, environment, as well as the societal development. 

CSR is commonly perceived as philanthropic work or window dressing act these days. However, as a leading company in China's pulp and paper industry, APP-China understands that CSR is more than philanthropy. That's why in APP-China's CSR strategy, the company not only includes the elements of environmental protection, mitigation of climate change and biodiversity conservation, but also considers employee care and community support. 

Employees are the most valuable assets of APP-China. Therefore, the company provides not only a good salary and welfare scheme for its employees, but also a promising career plan. In addition, the labor union at each mill has a well-established employee engagement system, which greatly enhances the employees' sense of belonging and enables APP-China to grow steadily. 

""Giving it back to the community"" is always a motto of APP-China. Through its long-term and ongoing community initiatives, APP-China puts its words into action with a view of building a harmonious society and sharing the economic gains with the community. With regards to the poor infrastructure in the rural area, APP-China has rebuilt roads and water systems, developed plantations, and provided clean water facilities so as to improve local living and hygiene standards. Furthermore, APP-China has initiated a wide array of cultural activities, a highlight in APP-China's commitment in promoting local culture. 

Since 2006, APP-China has worked with Huang Yi Cong Foundation for various charitable causes across the country to support China's education, healthcare and environment development, as well as disaster relief. By the end of 2009, the total donation had exceeded RMB 600 million (USD 89.55 million). Apart from the support to Sinamas Tongji Secondary School, APP-China has kicked off a number of key projects including ""Joy of Reading"", donating books to the schools in undeveloped areas across the country, and ""APP Expo Tour"", bringing students from rural area to the Shanghai Expo. Looking forward – APP-China has donated RMB 20 million (USD 2.98 million) to build another primary school which was torn down by the Yushu earthquake in 2010 and will open again in 2012. 

Zheng Rui, executive director of APP-China, said, ""CSR is embedded in APP-China's business strategy and is the foundation of our PCwC Manifesto. APP-China will continue to implement its green policy and promote CSR, with the aim of inspiring the whole industry and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of China's paper industry.” 

Apart from sharing the good practices of CSR, the third quarter report provides updates of the work APP-China has done under PCwC. In August, APP-China received the ""2010 Top 10 Innovative Technology Products for Low-carbon Living - China Award"". In addition, APP-China's Summer Internship Programme was officially kicked off, enabling 20 students and teachers from five major universities in China to get the hands-on experience of scientific plantation.