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May all your wishes come true and your successes grow ever greater in the Year of the Snake. 

Paper testing company refuses to stand by Greenpeace’s main allegation against Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Jakarta, INDONESIA - November 2nd, 2011: Claims by Greenpeace International that two Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) products were ‘proven’ to contain ‘Indonesian rainforest fibre’ have no scientific basis, it has been confirmed. Greenpeace employed a US-based pa...
【China’s Commitment to Embrace Forest Certification】 Shanghai, 25 October, 2011 – The Paper Contract with China – China Paper Industry Sustainability Forum 2011, held in August, highlighted that responsible procurement and certification systems are critical to achieving sustainable forest management and long‐term economic growth for the Asia Pacific region. In the same ...
The Award ceremony and the Gala dinner were successfully ended on 20 Oct 2011 while the impact of Award keeps increasing, 890 printing publishing representatives from nearly 30 countries and regions took part in Suzhou Kempinski Hotel for contesting 15 Gold Awards, 35 Silver Awards and 53 Bronze Awards in total 15 printing categories. The judging committee are well-known experts from around th...

In response to the accusation by Greenpeace made on 7 Jun, 2011 against the Indonesian pulp and paper industry and toy industry (raw material and packaging), APP published a declaration on Hong Kong Economic Times and South China Morning Post on Aug 31, 2011. For details of the declaration, please click below :

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